We are spontaneous, genuine and sincere. We are Truhoma.

We never make big plans. We let things happen by feeling. Just like it all started. This makes plenty of room for genuineness and sincerity.

Non-stop innovators and trendsetters

For 11 years, Ana’s Little Star has been running in our free time and operating without money. We do not accept financial donations, wishing to show and prove that you can help many people regardless. In this way, we give rise to new trends in charity. Interestingly, the warehouses of Ana’s Little Star often attract more donations than those of any other charity in our country while some of them operate with substantial funding.

We have established sustainable charity. This means that Ana’s Little Star is active all the time – through its own charity projects as well as various charity campaigns with its partners.

We are extremely happy to be able to connect in so many ways and to provide continuous assistance at such scale. Thank you all.

Who truly needs help

When Ana’s Little Star first started operating, we found families in need through Social Work Centers, but quickly realized that not all of their databases were relevant enough. A sad fact is that many people in our country are on benefits that they do not deserve and/or even exploit. We have experienced many things, including disappointment and threats more times than we care to remember. On the other hand, there are many people who absolutely should receive benefits, but are not entitled to them for various reasons and rules. This is the truth, and that is why we discuss it openly. Social Work Centers should renew their databases, and lay new foundations and rules for obtaining benefits. Through the years, we have realized that it is extremely difficult for us to determine who truly needs help or not. This is really sad and actually takes up most of our time.

We have our own database

We quickly came to the conclusion that it was best for us to set up our own database of those in need. This is extremely difficult though; many people in desperate need of help do not wish to come forward and ask for it.

We therefore turned to friends and acquaintances if they knew anyone in need of help. Nurses, doctors, teachers, firefighters, police officers, etc., were also of great help in finding such families.

We also turned to people directly, encouraging them to contact us and share their stories confidentially, so that we could do the best we can to help.

As a result, we have established an extremely good database and verification system for our applicants. It is essential for help to go to those who truly need it. Our database has been growing year by year, and unfortunately, COVID-19 made it even bigger.

Many people who received help from us at some point provide us with food and assistance today. This is tremendous success.


Ana’s Little Star is proof of transparency in charity

Ana’s Little Star has become a movement that brings people together and restores true values. We need to be aware that anyone can find themselves in dire straits and that nobody is worth any less because of that. We are all human. For this reason, we little stars find it so important to encourage mutual respect and conversation, and to eliminate stigmas in society.

At the same time, Ana’s Little Star works tirelessly on building new foundations in the charity domain – a charity that is transparent and an example to follow. All in all, charity has become ‘big business’ and this sad fact must change. No ifs or buts.

It is time for big changes. We are happy and proud that Ana’s Little Star will become the first charity partner of the global Truhoma project, which sets completely new standards in philanthropy by introducing new technologies. More on this soon!

As Ana says, Ana’s Little Star is Truhoma

Ana’s Little Star is much more than a charity project. It is the first step, the first glimpse of my goal – to set a new global standard for charity, making it fully transparent and ‘pure’. This standard is called Truhoma.

My entire life philosophy is based on Truhoma. The True and Honest Mankind credo is the foundation of everything I do. Truhoma means being a genuine and honest person. First and foremost with oneself; this is the only way to reach one’s highest potential in life and let one’s heart lead the way.

Ana’s Little Star has been operating in accordance with the Truhoma Standards and concept and personifying them from the beginning.