Let's be honest

Ever since we started, Ana’s Little Star has been building its own database of individuals and families in need. We want our donations to go to those who truly need them, always. Unfortunately, we have also experienced all sorts of scams, lies and threats, much to our dismay. So please, only apply for help if you genuinely need it. We will always try to listen to you, give you a hug and alleviate your anguish with what we can offer. 

How to apply for help?

Please make your help application as detailed as possible, making sure it contains all of the following information:

Please fill in all the required information correctly. Otherwise, your application will not be submitted successfully.

Send your application to one of the emails below, depending on your region:

Please note:

We don’t respond to applications because we all have jobs and there are simply not enough hours in a day. Please rest assured that we carefully review all applications; if you are selected and there is enough food, we will invite you to our food distribution.

We do not accept applications via Facebook or SMS.

*By submitting the application, you give your consent for Anina zvezdica, zavod za pomoč socialno ogroženim, to keep your personal data for the purposes of selecting donees and providing help.