Ana Lukner Roljic
Ana's Little Star is a non-profit organization run in our free time. It is 100% transparent and operates without money. It is driven by our hearts and love, bringing back true values and connecting everyone. Ana's Little Star is becoming a global endeavor powered by blockchain technology and backed by the #truhoma movement.
To give is to really live.

Ana Lukner Roljic
entrepreneur, inspirational speaker and founder of Ana’s Little Star

TRUe & HOnest MAnkind

100 % donations

100 % transparent

100 % traceable

100 % voluntary

Since 2010, Ana's Little Star:

  • collected over 11 million lbs of food (5 million kg)
  • helped over 200,000 families
  • more than 150 volunteers, 5 warehouses
  • supported by a growing number of individuals & kids
  • involved over 400 schools, 300 companies, 50 sports clubs, hospitals, army / police / fire force
  • included in school books & exams
  • we also published our own fairytale book

As Eligma advisor and founder of Ana's Little Star charity, I am beyond excited to merge the world of high innovation and philanthropy together. Only together we can change this world for the better - in a transparent, traceable movement with a 100% donation.

You are all welcome to attend a great event - the entry fee is 2 non-perishable food items that will be given to my charity for families in need. Thank you everyone, see you soon.

The world is small, anything is possible...and this is just the beginning.

More will be revealed soon...