Ana’s Little Star gives rise to global change

Ana’s Little Star was founded on January 1, 2010. We have been helping for more than 11 years.
We live in a small world. Everything is possible and we’re just getting started.

Ana’s Little Star was born from a birthday supernova

On January 1, 2010, I fulfilled my childhood dream – to help those in need. Ana’s Little Star emerged, expanding its mission with rays of warmth and kindness. January 1 is also my birthday, and in 2010, I organized the first charity project instead of a birthday party; instead of gifts, I invited my friends and family to bring food with a longer shelf life. They were thrilled, showing up with donations as many as three times, and we were able to help 37 families at that time already. I wanted to meet them all and hand the food over in person. I will never forget the elation of a little boy when he saw Nutella. This feeling stays forever, and this kind of happiness is irreplaceable.

That is how it all started, and it continues. Each project is bigger and we help more people each time. This spontaneity is a special trademark of Ana’s Little Star – when people feel it, they simply want to be a part of it. However, our ultimate goal is that such help would not be needed and that all people could live a decent life.

Our wish

Our wish is to help those in need. We believe that helping others is our human duty. We have made this our commitment, and are happy for it. We have helped over 280,000 families without a single cent as we operate without money – all of us are volunteers. We also operate without the possibility of financial donations – to prove (among other things) that one does not need money to create a great story, to help many, and to act with sincerity. To act like Truhoma. We have created a unique story with countless different projects and collaborations, giving rise to sustainable charity.

Helping others is our human duty

Stigma. In this part of the world, people are still hugely stigmatized for not having much, for having trouble getting by, for having certain problems. Our view is that we are all flesh and blood and only human. Our door is always open and we are always ready to talk. Whatever it may be, we believe that it can be discussed openly, without shame, and with respect. We all need to be aware that every one of us may find ourselves in a difficult situation at some point; therefore, it is all the more important for us to help one another whenever we can. This is our duty.

The heart of Ana's Little Star is her volunteers. Our light is brightest when we shine together

We are little stars. There are more than 150 of us. We are also good friends. A unique team. Without my little stars, Ana’s Little Star could never operate the way it does. Our team is its driving force. We share the same wishes, goals and vision. We believe in love and that we must always help the best we can. Helping others is a balm for the soul.

A big thanks to my team, my little stars – for countless hours, for your support and your extraordinary hearts. Such teams are few and far between. Thank you for your work. Thank you for believing. I love you all.

What our volunteers say

We became volunteers at Ana's Little Star because we want to help people and thus change society for the better. Because we feel a duty or responsibility to society, we want help it to the best of our ability. The values of Ana’s Little Star resonate with us. Vrhnika, Maša and Tomaž Purger

I am a volunteer because I enjoy helping people. We never know when we ourselves might be in need of help, and I like to think that someone will come to our aid, too. As a volunteer, I have met a lot of good, like-minded people, and, together we can do even more. Ljubljana, Anže Učakar

I was raised to help others by my mum, as we also did not have a lot ourselves. I help because this is my duty toward fellow human beings. It makes me grow as a person, and I want to pass it on to my children and community. Ljubljana, Eva Cocej

I am a volunteer because I like to help others. It’s easy to find the motivation and go to the warehouse; we make things fun and help others in the process. Volunteering is a part of us. It does not cost you anything, but it could mean the world to someone else. Radovljica, Maruša Črnivec

I initially felt that I wanted to help people, listen to them and make them feel better, at least for a little while. I continue to be a part of this story because Ana’s Little Star makes me grow as a person, by living a life where I can connect people, look for solutions, stand up for those who can't stand up for themselves, and let others know that they are never all alone. Murska Sobota, Amadea Gomboc


Awards and recognitions

Best volunteer 2015 (Naj prostovoljec 2015) – Amadea Gomboc, Ana’s Little Star Prekmurje

In 2015, the head of our Prekmurje branch, Amadea Gomboc, was selected by the City Municipality of Murska Sobota as Best Volunteer in Murska Sobota. She received the award for her successful collection of food donations for the socially disadvantaged in the Pomurje region.

Ana Lukner Roljić – recipient of the Bronze Plaque of the Slovenian Armed Forces in 2013

Delo Person of the Year in 2012 (Delova osebnost leta 2012)

The readers of Delo, the most eminent Slovenian daily newspaper, voted Ana Lukner Roljić as Delo Person of the Year for showing with her own actions as well as her team of volunteers that, with small steps, big changes can be made in the field of volunteering in Slovenia.

Heroes of the Year 2014 (Junaki leta 2014) – POP TV

In 2014, the largest media house in Slovenia, POP TV, selected young volunteers as Heroes of the Year. Proclaimed Heroes of the Year were children who started campaigns and helped society on their own initiative.

Special award at the Best Volunteer tender 2012

Upon the proposal of the Trzin Primary School, Ana Lukner was nominated for a special award for fast humanitarian project development. The award was presented to her by the President of the Republic of Slovenia, Borut Pahor.

In 2015, Ana Lukner Roljić received the Ethics & Social Responsibility Award, bestowed by the European Union.


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